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Use an advanced digital lightmeter on your iOS device.

Lightmatic main screen

Precise and easy to use

The interface, simple and clear to any photographer, makes Lightmatic very easy to use. The algorithms used in the application provide high measurement accuracy comparable to exposure meters built into the camera.

Pinhole mode

Pinhole mode allows you to measure exposure for pinhole cameras with f-number up to f/999 and exposure times up to 1 day. An in-app timer enables you to stay in one application. Lightmatic takes into account reciprocity failure and corrects long exposure times automatically.

Lightmatic pinhole screen
Lightmatic film profile screen

Camera and film profiles

In pinhole mode, you can create as many camera and film profiles as you want. Among many other characteristics, the film profile allows you to create custom reciprocity curves.


You can download the latest version of Lightmatic on the Apple App Store.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a lightmeter?

A lightmeter is a device used to measure the amount of light. In photography, a lightmeter is used to determining the correct exposure. Exposure in all types of cameras can be controlled by three values: ISO, f-number, and shutter speed. With two fixed values, the lightmeter measures the third.

Why can't I take a photo?

Lightmatic is not a camera app. It's a tool for photographers.

How to switch between shutter and aperture priority modes?

Just tap on the "TIME" or "FNo." buttons right above the value pickers. You can also use the "ISO" mode, by the way.

Can I edit the camera profile or the film profile?

Unfortunately, not. This feature is in a backlog and will be implemented in one of the future versions. Right now, you can delete the old profile and create a new one.

Is reciprocity failure taken into account in the lightmeter mode?

Yes, it is. Reciprocity factor of 1.27 (see Ilford specs) is used in the lightmeter mode (not the pinhole mode) for exposure times greater than one second.


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