Introducing Basic Metronome

My wife is a musician, and I am learning music production myself. The primary tool of a musician always was and still is a metronome. It is a simple device that produces rhythmical sounds (beats) with equal intervals. A classic metronome is an inverted pendulum. You break the balance, and it goes off, clicking every time it hits lateral points.

Classic metronome Classic metronome, image from Wikipedia

Nowadays, everything is on our phones. I’ve searched through Apple Store and installed seven metronomes. They all contained ads. I wouldn’t say I like ads, and I always try to find a paid alternative. But there wasn’t any.

So I thought, I can make one. And I did. Please welcome Basic Metronomefree and ad-free metronome. You can set the BPM. You can tap the BPM. And you can select the number of beats in the tact. That’s it – just the metronome, without ads and any nonsense. Enjoy!

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